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Kurdish singer’s fame grows in Belgium (lovely voice)

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Kurdish singer’s fame grows in Belgium (lovely voice)

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sat Jan 28, 2023 5:52 pm

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Kurdish singer’s fame grows

The pop music of a Kurdish singer, originally from Sulaimani province, has entertained many Belgians in recent years, with his fame growing every day

Chya Omar, known professionally as Hunter Falls, is a Kurdish pop singer who is originally from Sulaimani province but was born in Belgium. He spoke to Rudaw earlier this week, talking about his childhood dream of becoming a singer.

“When I was a child, we had a piano at home. I would constantly touch it when I was only four or five. Then, my father bought me a guitar and I like it so much. However, I started enjoying music when I was six when we returned to Belgium,” he told Rudaw’s Hemen Abdulla.

He added that he would read the lyrics of songs and listen to music constantly until he became a singer. “I love pop music so much because when you listen to it you think it is very easy but when you compose it is very difficult.”

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Falls has taken part in many music contests in Europe in recent years and secured top spots in some of them, such as MNM’s rising star in 2017 and Eurosong in 2023.

“Living in several countries growing up, he has learned that a combination of cultures is what creates new beauty in the world. Hunter’s evolution into Commercial Pop-music allowed him to introduce another element to this union and extend his talent range even further,” reads the Kurdish singer’s biography on his website.

“His use of his multi-cultural approach to music, along with love for international sounding quality, enables Hunter to challenge the boundaries of existing genres - utilizing vivid memories to tell stories, which explore the depths of his mind and heart,” it adds.

He has visited Kurdistan several times.

“When I returned, I really enjoyed it… When I first returned to Kurdistan, I felt like home [because] there no one would single you out,” he said.
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Kurdish singer’s fame grows in Belgium (lovely voice)



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