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Association of Freedom and Unity of the Kurds

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:51 pm
Author: Anthea

Seven Great Kurdish Leaders

The enemies of the Independence of Kurdistan are very many and their potential is very big and they can't allow any organization to seek the Independence of Kurdistan and I have tried a lot to find a secret national party that includes all parts of Kurdistan and I am still working in this direction because secret is the way to win in front of many and strong enemies..

The fear party (Independence) was the first national party to call for the independence of Kurdistan, founded by prince man badr khan in 1927... and failed because our fans were not aware of their national cause and were religious tendencies Stronger than national belonging.

The Že party was also one of the national parties that called for the independence of Kurdistan, which was founded in 1943 and since the first day of its founding, it was joined by elements of those who were well trained in the intelligence of the entity. Which occupied Kurdistan in 1946.

The Kurdistan Democratic party in East, West, North and Southern Kurdistan was first founded for the independence of Kurdistan under the leadership of Qazi Muhammad in Eastern Kurdistan and under the leadership of the general Mustafa Barzani in the Southern Kurdistan and under the leadership of the Apo Sabri in West Kurdistan and under the leadership of (translation problem) in Northern Kurdistan...

Qazi Muhammadand General Mustafa Barzani was executed to the Soviet Union, the prison of Apo Sabri and the assassination of super po... because the agents of the bodies occupying the Kurdistan are in the Kurdistan Democratic Party and took him out of the Kurdistan Independence Department

like the group Ibrahim Ahmed - Jalal Talabani, the group (Hamid Darwish - Salah Badr Al-din) and others and the democratic parties in all parts of Kurdistan are demanding a variety of cultural rights to self-government within the borders of the bodies occupying Kurdistan so that the people do not come out of Their borders created by colonialism at the beginning of the last century...

In 14-4-1959 the seven greats founded another national organization in the name of the ạzẖ (Association of Freedom and Unity of the Kurds) for the independence of Kurdistan and it was a secret organization so that it will not be hacked as it happened to Ạzẖ was the first organization in history to put Kurds in a philosophical and religious template and I had the honor of belonging to the ạllhi by professor jamal nbz in the city of Berlin in 1959... I also had the honor to meet the lawyer Full Že in the city of sulaymaniyah in 1972 in order to arrange the communication of ạzẖ between South and West Kurdistan.

The main reason for the collapse of the Kurdistan Revolution in Southern Kurdistan, which lasted 14 years of 1961-1975 LED by General Mustafa Barzani because it was based on the students of Hamza Abdullah, the secretary of the old democratic party... although general mustafa Barzani fired hamza al-Abdullah from the party based on the statements of the group (Ibrahim Ahmed-Jalal Talabani) who were the disciples of hamza slave God and barzani formed a new leadership of the party that caused injury and injury in the society since the beginning of the Kurdish revolution in 1964 This wound to day continues to bleed in the form of the Kurdish administration in sulaymaniyah and not...

Also, the group (Ibrahim Ahmed-Jalal Talabani) did not withdraw from the revolution and the democratic party of the democratic party in 1966 until they left their students to control the revolution and the democratic party of the democratic party in the group (Sami Abdul Rahman - Habib Mohamed Karim - fadel m who worked on the same old party policy to filter any party or individual related to the independence of Kurdistan...

In 1975, another national party was founded in the name of p, and it was public, and it was in the beginning of its leadership from the cadres of the organization such as bakhtiari weight and martyr jalal haj hussein and others but the enemy Its elements once again for the victory in the party of p where they worked to remove the faithful old leadership and control the party... He was in league with the other kurdistan parties in Southern Kurdistan and was one of these hackers in the Mustafa (Azad Mustafa) who reached to be the secretary of the p party in 1980 although he was in the year 1966 of jḥwsẖ jalal talabani and he was fighting for many years along with the Iraqi government and against the revolution revolution...

With the order of the Azad Mustafa and Abdul Rahman, who withdrawn from the democratic party of the democratic party and founded the people's party where his goal was to remove the p from the square, Sami Abdul Rahman was a unity between his party and the people's party. In the process of bypass and complement of the plan, they all joined the democratic party of the democratic party that seeks self-government or federal and so it was solved and its principles that were for the independence of Kurdistan...
It was the end of že as his integration with the democratic party of the democratic party - Iran and the end of the ạzẖ by announcing the freeze of its activity and the end of the p of the democratic party - Iraq...
So they worked on the clearance of the Kurdistan who was calling for the independence of Kurdistan in 1992... but there are many elements of že and ạzẖ who did not accept to back their national goals and The Independence of Kurdistan despite the great pressure of the party leaders against them...

The leaders of the party leaders are the elements of že and ạzẖ and they killed each other and put false advertising on those who could not reach them for their moral victory... and when the presence of General Mustafa Barzani is alive Life was not able to correct the party leaders, but after his death, the party leaders started their program in order to clear the elements of the ạzẖ one after the other was one of their most important assassination:
1. Martyr Sheikh Mohammed Amhara was the first charge of the financial revolution until its collapse in 1975 and was murdered by Sami Abdul Rahman where a group of his bysẖmrk Sami Abdul Rahman came to the place of the celebration of the 1975th General Mustafa Barzani and took Sheikh Mohammed Amhara and no one saw him after that (Sami was then secretary of the democratic party - the temporary leadership).
2. Martyr Fatah Agha (Key Mohamed Amin) who was an order of continue (whose number was over six thousand bysẖmrk) in the time of General Mustafa Barzani and when the revolution collapsed, the martyr fattah agha went and his family and lived in Tehran and returned to Studying at the faculty of law at the university of Tehran... in 1981 he came to have sami Abdul Rahman and asked him to have an operation in the south of Kurdistan but the martyr fattah agha told him to ask for it from others and they are many but Sami Abdul Rahman is back Again and third time in order to convince fattah agha and finally before he led the campaign and they were on the way and they didn't reach the border of the southern Kurdistan, a bullet came from behind and killed the martyr, and that's what he said to me. ... and later he was prominent with me when I was in Southern Kurdistan in 1982...

Also, the physical liquidation of all my people, even from those who did not go to the ạzẖ, and the physical liquidation of some of the members of the ạzẖ also and were killed under the pretext of war with ISIS and the fact that they were killed by the party leaders with bullets Coward from behind like:
1. Assassination of martyr atta bin Muhammad Haji Mahmoud in 26-11-2014
2. Assassination of Martyr Admiral Cherico bin fatih what in 31-1-2015
3. Assassination of martyr Dean Dr. Ozgur Agha brother of martyr fattah agha 29-5-2016

But I was a leading member of the ạzẖ and I was killed several times in Iran and Kurdistan from the group of Azad Mustafa agent in 1984... and when I was wounded from one of the assassination attempts in the city of Iranian karaj and its day was martyr Idris Barzani in karaj also who sent me Dr. Shaukat can may god prolong his life where he treated my wounds and on that day for the assassination attempt the work of martyr Idris Barzani to change my place of residence for more than six times so that the intelligence Iranian my place of residence where my name and photos were distributed to airports and border points as wanted alive or dead... and if not martyr Idris, I wouldn't have made it to Europe safely... a thousand mercy on his pure soul...

And from London I was telephone with Martyr Idris Barzani every once in a while and I stayed on my good relationship with him as it was and since I knew him personally when I met his father general Mustafa Barzani in 1972... and I remember in one of my contacts with him in The end of the year 1987 was his talk to a great pain, so I asked them the news... he told me that jalal talabani and Abdul Rahman came back to us and contact us and ask us to open a new page with them and I know that coming Important a new plot one on my right and the other on my left and consider themselves friends and they are only enemies, how do you want me not to hurt??

The bodies that occupy Kurdistan provide the party leaders with weapons and money provided that they do not demand the country and remove all those who demand the country...

The only way for the independence of Kurdistan is to form a national party that includes all the kurdistan regions in order to fight to create conditions for a public uprising for the independence of Kurdistan and to lead the uprising to safety so that it will not fall again in the hands of the leaders. In order not to return to the first square as in the southern Kurdistan Uprising in 1991 and in the West Kurdistan Uprising in 2004.

Either who will do the job, me or others, it is not important, it is important that any believe in the liberal national thought, because Kurdistan belongs to 50 million cordy and each of us has an arrow in our country.

Long Live Kurdistan State

The seven great who founded the ạzẖ:n JM

Re: Association of Freedom and Unity of the Kurds

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2020 3:30 pm
Author: Anthea
Freedom and Unity for KURDISTAN

Isn't it time to announce the state of South and West Kurdistan?

A group of assassins, bandits and horizons gathered themselves from Chechnya, Afghanistan and from all parts of the earth and announced the state of Islam in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)...

Although the people have been living in the region since the dawn of history and the Beshmerk and the Kurdish heroes with an honorable history and struggle raise the head are the first and the right to declare the state of South and West Kurdistan.

The hesitation to declare the Kurdish state is in favor of the enemies of the Kurds and Kurdistan and we must know the glitch and address it immediately and before it is too late and cry for federal rule and self-government as we cried the Kingdom of South Kurdistan and its king Sheikh Mahmoud Al-grandson in 1919-1924 and as we cried The Kurdistan Republic is headed by Martyr Qazi Mohamed in 1946 and as we cried others and most of them in our ancient and modern history...

Can we stop repeating defeats?

Kurdistan lived an independent state despite the nose of enemies and hesitant. JM

Re: Association of Freedom and Unity of the Kurds

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 12:08 am
Author: Anthea