Northern Iraq is invalid .

please update your brain it is
Southern Kurdistan.



the word, "Northern Iraq" is only used by the enemy of the Kurds ,If you are an enemy, please contact the nearest American Marine and ask for the directions to Saddam's palace.

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes)  Change of Names, and never try Northern Iraq word again .
  • if you want to respect Kurds , please remember our homeland's name is Kurdistan not "northern iraq".
  • we want you to use "Kurdistan" word when you refer to our homeland. if your organization doesn't let you use "Southern Kurdistan" word, you may use "Iraqi occupied Kurdistan" or  at least "Iraqi Kurdistan" ,

  • If you a are member of the Turkish Homeland National Security Staff, get over it. It is Kurdistan not Northern Iraq.
  • If you are George W. Bush or Tony Blair and are trying to find an ultra-super-glue to hold Iraq together, try the Detect Settings Find Super Glue button, but don't try hard, it won't work.
  • If you think we are too nationalist, please take a look at this  and then ask your conscience's help , for more information look at the right sidebar.

  • To find out more about Kurdistan, visit Kudistanica or you can read one of these Kurd blogs in English.
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  • here is the list of the webstites/weblogs which likned to us .

  • You should also learn not to use :
    "South Eastern Turkey", instead of Northern Kurdistan.
    "Western Iran"
    ,instead of Eastern Kurdistan.
    Eastern Syria" , instead of Western Kurdistan.


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