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Sulaimani holds fashion show for disabled people

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Sulaimani holds fashion show for disabled people

PostAuthor: Piling » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:23 am

SULAIMANI (Kurdistan 24) – A Kurdish group in the Kurdistan Region’s Sulaimani province on Wednesday held a fashion show named “Impossible,” specially designed to promote individuals with disabilities as equals and beautiful.

The event was attended by many local artists, actors, film directors, and officials. It was dubbed “Impossible” as a nod to the challenges people with disabilities face in the region.

“I got the idea for this project when I saw a dwarf (little person) in a Bazaar disappointingly looking at clothing shops, trying to find dresses that fit her. Then I saw her enter a children’s store,” Dunya Ahmed, a designer and the founder of the project, told Kurdistan 24.

Ahmed noted that the event was just the initial phase of their project to build support for people with disabilities, and pave the way to establishing a factory that would design clothes specifically for disabled people.

Those who were showcased in the fashion show were wearing various outfits, mostly traditional Kurdish garments.

“I feel very happy, and today is like a feast to people like me,” Dalya Aziz, a woman who suffers from dwarfism, told Kurdistan 24.

“If I were an artist, I would sculpt statues for the two designers, Dunya and Hemin, in the center of this city [Sulaimani] because they truly understand the problems us disabled people face. I would like to thank them very much for this initiative.”

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Sulaimani holds fashion show for disabled people



Re: Sulaimani holds fashion show for disabled people

PostAuthor: Anthea » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:57 pm

In the UK dwarfism is not really considered a disability and the few dwarfs I have encountered live normal lives with normal jobs

What would help would be a clothing grant to enable people of non-average size to find a photo of something they like and have it made for them

In the UK we live in a wear and throw away culture - it is literally cheaper to throw clothes away than clean them - unless one goes to M & S or haute culture

Charity shops will not take any of the cheap mass produced clothes because nobody will buy them as it is cheaper to buy new X(
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